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The Green Team

Posted on Apr 01 2017 in Features

By Holly Huffman One thing’s for certain if your power goes out: you’ll be playing the “blame game.” What caused the outage? Storms or high winds are the usual suspects. Others might blame those cute little squirrels or other furry friends that seem to make their way atop power poles. Storms, wind and little critters… Continue reading.

Keep yourself in hot water

Posted on Apr 25 2017 in Energy Advice, Energy Now

Today’s electric tank water heaters are all well insulated to keep the water that we’ve paid to heat stay hot until it’s needed. But with just a little bit of knowledge, there are things we can do as homeowners to keep them operating efficiently long beyond the life of their warranty. Here are things I… Continue reading.

Three methods for cleaning your cast iron skillet

Posted on Apr 01 2017 in Food

Cast iron skillets naturally are nonstick and retain heat well. But to keep yours in good shape, follow one of these three methods to clean it. For lightly soiled pans, pour a bit of oil into your skillet and then use a paper towel or dish rag to wipe the pan clean, removing any food… Continue reading.

Reintroduction of falcons a success

Posted on Apr 01 2017 in Outdoors, The Great Outdoors

By Jack Spaulding The reintroduction of the peregrine falcon is a real success story in Indiana and the nation. Biologists have brought the birds back from the brink of extinction with nesting pairs across the Midwest. Peregrines are now commonly seen in special places in Indiana, but it wasn’t always so. Consider: • Prior to 1940,… Continue reading.

Calendar of Student Art: 5th Grade

Posted on Apr 25 2017 in Gallery of Art

Fifth graders illustrate the merry month of May. GO TO CALENDAR OF STUDENT ART: 4th Grade Go to Calendar of Student ArT: 6th Grade Go to Gallery of Art Home Page

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