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telephonefraud Source NRECA

Scammed, Shammed, Flimflammed

Posted on Sep 01 2015 in Features

+-*Across the U.S., cases of fraud and identity theft are at all-time highs. In 2014 alone, there were over 40,000 cases of phone- or utilities-related fraud, or 118 cases every day. Energy scams are becoming more sophisticated and prevalent, and it’s possible for anyone to be tricked by them. The best way to stay safe… Continue reading.

lacrosse wireless weather forecast station

‘You don’t need a weatherman …’

Posted on Sep 01 2015 in Energy Now, Smart Choices

+-*As the seasons turn this month and the kids are back in school, you’ll want to keep track of the weather so you’ll know what to have them wear and how to prepare each day. ON ALERT CRANK IT UP When the power’s out, you can recharge a Sangean AM/FM WX Emergency Radio MMR-88 by… Continue reading.


International food etiquette rules

Posted on Aug 01 2015 in Food

+-*Chile: Avoid eating anything with your hands. Chileans are formal with manners to identify with European culture, so make sure to use a knife and fork when eating. France: Don’t eat bread as an appetizer. Save it to eat with your meal or with the cheese course at the end. Place the bread directly on the table,… Continue reading.


Digging ginseng

Posted on Sep 01 2015 in Outdoors, The Great Outdoors

+-*‘Digging it” was a popular saying way back in the day. For an old hippie, it means being in tune with or appreciating something. But, for old time woodland foragers, “digging it” means hunting for ginseng. Ginseng is an ancient mystical plant, highly valued by herbalists for its wide variety of applications, cures and treatment… Continue reading.


From the funnies

Posted on Sep 01 2015 in For Youth, Power Kids Projects

+-*What you need: One page from comic book One ruler One pen or pencil One pair of scissors One piece of cardstock paper or file folder One bottle of craft glue One roll of packing tape One single hole punch Embroidery floss, yarn or thin cord What to do: Using a ruler and a pen… Continue reading.

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