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Be prepared for blackouts

Posted on Oct 30 2015 in Features

While the risk of a historically massive blackout — like the ones the Northeast United States experienced in 1965 and 2003 — is rare, we all know power failures can occur locally during severe weather. Weather is the number one cause of power outages in the United States, costing the economy between $18 billion and… Continue reading.

These are double-cell light-blocking cellular shades. They slide in tracks on the sides to reduce air flow and drafts from the cold window glass — and they look elegant in any application.

Insulated shades save energy

Posted on Nov 01 2015 in Energy Advice, Energy Now

by James Dulley When it’s cold out, my home feels very chilly, especially near the windows. I can’t afford energy-efficient replacement windows right now, so can you offer alternative options? If you feel chilly sitting near a window, you’re likely losing energy, which drives up your utility bills. This is also true during the summer… Continue reading.

Meal prep

Save time with meal prep and planning

Posted on Nov 01 2015 in Food

In addition to following quick recipes, you also can save time in the kitchen by planning and preparing your meals in advance. With busy schedules, it can seem impossible to cook a healthy meal at home each evening. But meal planning and preparation allow you to make quality meals for your family without sacrificing extra time…. Continue reading.

Steve Rineholts Meat Lovers Pizza

Dutch oven masters

Posted on Nov 01 2015 in Outdoors, The Great Outdoors

by Jack Spaulding A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were invited to a gourmet outing in Jennings County where we witnessed some of the finest cast iron culinary concoctions we have seen! Our friends Bill and Paula Beville asked if Chris and I could get away on a Friday night for dinner. Having… Continue reading.

Turkey Book

Turkey book of thanks

Posted on Nov 01 2015 in For Youth, Power Kids Projects

What you need: Two paper lunch bags One hole punch One craft stick Two rubber bands One pencil or pen Yellow, red and brown construction paper Two googly eyes Recycled magazine pages One pair of scissors One bottle of craft glue What to do: Fold two paper bags in half. Punch two holes next to… Continue reading.

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