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Catching Rays

Posted on Apr 09 2015 in Features

+-*Greg Morrison said he’s long been interested in renewable energy. But when the Crawfordsville real estate broker researched residential wind and solar options over the past 10-15 years, he found little in both price and output that would make a true “alternative.” “It would run a lightbulb in a garage,” he offered of each discouraging… Continue reading.

Synthetic Stone TrimSMALL

Increase comfort with thermal mass

Posted on Apr 07 2015 in Energy Advice, Energy Now

+-*We are planning to remodel our older home, and I’ve read that increasing thermal mass can improve energy efficiency. What exactly does this mean, and how do we incorporate it into our home? Increasing the thermal mass means increasing the ability of materials to retain heat energy. This can be done anytime, but it is… Continue reading.


What is vegan cuisine?

Posted on Apr 01 2015 in Food

+-*Our reader-submitted recipes in our April 2015 issue (Tofu Scrambler Wrap and Chocolate Banana Coconut Cream Pie) embrace the vegan diet. The recipes we’ve featured provide options for those who simply want to cook a few meatless meals every now and then, or provide those living the vegan lifestyle a few new recipes to try out. Vegetarian vs. vegan Vegetarians… Continue reading.


An onion to plant for Arbor Day

Posted on Apr 07 2015 in Ask Rosie, Outdoors

+-*My landlords gave me a start of this plant (pictured). They didn’t explain what it is. I have looked in the seed catalogs and don’t see anything like it. Are the little bulbs edible? — Peggy Bair, Summitville, Ind. Excellent photos! This distinctive perennial onion is known as Egyptian, tree or top-set onion, so-named for… Continue reading.

page day

A lesson in the Legislature

Posted on Apr 07 2015 in For Youth, Page Day

+-*Young co-op members participate in Page Day Thirty-five teens from 15 Indiana electric cooperatives spent Jan. 26 learning about Indiana government firsthand during REMC Page Day. The students, aged 13-18, toured the Indiana Statehouse — including the governor’s office — observed a session of the House of Representatives, attended committee meetings, assisted legislative staff and… Continue reading.

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