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Gifts that keep giving

Posted on Dec 01 2018 in Features

While his fellow Hoosiers go gift shopping in the falling snow, Luke Wright will spend December selling items that promote running water. Wright’s craft studio/retail store in Warsaw, known as MudLove, specializes in pottery, bracelets, necklaces and other handmade creations. But there’s a heart behind the art: 20 percent of all profits go to Water… Continue reading.

Squirrel Dinner

Posted on Dec 06 2018 in Outdoors

I haven’t had much of a chance to get out and challenge the squirrel population this year. The ones raiding the bird feeder and those making forays across our yard to the neighbor’s butternut trees live under an unspoken umbrella of protection here on the home front. However, their woodland cousins are fair game. On the… Continue reading.

Never too young to give back

Posted on Dec 01 2018 in For Youth, Youth Power and Hope Awards

Every year since 2009, five community service-minded middle school students have been awarded Youth Power and Hope Awards from Indiana Electric Cooperatives and its magazine, Electric Consumer. This year’s winners — two sixth graders and three eighth graders from throughout the state — prove you’re never too young to make an impact in your world…. Continue reading.

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