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Down to the River

Posted on Mar 24 2017 in Features

It all comes down to the water. Be it the biological essentials or the biblical allusions, something in our blood or in our souls draws us to it. All living things require it. And all that we put on the land, and even the land itself, eventually washes to it. That’s the lesson seventh graders… Continue reading.

Save energy with landscaping

Posted on Mar 01 2017 in Energy Advice, Energy Now

By Patrick Keegan and Amy Wheeless Late winter and early spring are great times to think about changes to your home’s landscape. While the goal of most lawn and garden projects is to bring beauty to your outdoor space, a well-designed project can also save energy, increase the overall value of your home and provide… Continue reading.

Leafy greens: Which vegetable do you need to add to your diet?

Posted on Mar 01 2017 in Food

Kale, especially when cooked instead of eaten raw, is considered one of the healthiest vegetables. It’s packed with vitamins A, C and K; contains a considerable amount of calcium; and also has folate and potassium. It improves eye health, lowers blood cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease. Collard greens are packed with fiber,… Continue reading.

Mild winter brings up bulbs

Posted on Mar 01 2017 in Outdoors, Rosie's Garden

By Rosie Lerner It’s not unusual for Indiana weather to have trouble deciding what season it is. Recent warm spells have had many gardeners wondering what to do about bulbs, and perhaps a few plants that are poking their foliage through the soil. Just what should gardeners do about daffodils, dianthus and daylilies poking out… Continue reading.

Lucky charm

Posted on Mar 01 2017 in For Youth, Power Kids Projects

What you need: Three green pipe cleaners One pair of scissors Assorted beads (We used 16 green and 12 white beads!) Three green pipe cleaners One pair of scissors Assorted beads (We used 16 green and 12 white beads!) What to do: Cut two pipe cleaners in half, so you have four pieces. String beads… Continue reading.

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