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Family Safety Day

Posted on Sep 30 2015 in Features, General

An estimated 4,500 people turned out Sept. 12 for the annual Family Safety Day at Warsaw’s Central Park. Kosciusko REMC has been one of the main sponsors since 2008. The event brings together the community’s first responders along with the REMC and health care and fitness facilities for a hands-on day of meeting, greeting and… Continue reading.


Balancing comfort in a two-story home

Posted on Oct 01 2015 in Energy Advice, Energy Now

by James Dulley We have a new heat pump, but we have a problem keeping all of the rooms in our home comfortable. Someone is always too hot or too cool. What are some simple methods to even out the temperatures throughout the house? The problem you are experiencing is common, particularly in a two-story… Continue reading.


International food etiquette rules

Posted on Aug 01 2015 in Food

Chile: Avoid eating anything with your hands. Chileans are formal with manners to identify with European culture, so make sure to use a knife and fork when eating. France: Don’t eat bread as an appetizer. Save it to eat with your meal or with the cheese course at the end. Place the bread directly on the table,… Continue reading.


Hoosier scorpion

Posted on Oct 01 2015 in Outdoors, The Great Outdoors

by Jack Spaulding Recently, I got a call from Jason Knueven of the Batesville area. Jason is a grandson to Roman Nobbe, and like his grandfather, takes a great deal of interest in the outdoors. He had my undivided attention with the first words out of his mouth when he said, “I’ve got a scorpion… Continue reading.

Cooperative Meal

A cooperative meal

Posted on Oct 01 2015 in For Youth, Power Kids Projects

Celebrate with your electric co-op by creating a cooperative meal. Make your lunch with products produced by co-ops — wheat, jelly, raisins, butter, juice, milk and so much more. Plus, prepare your meal with a friend or family member to make your meal even more cooperative! What is a cooperative? A cooperative is a non-profit… Continue reading.

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