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Here to help you

Posted on Sep 19 2018 in Features

Top 3 responsibilities in a day Greet the consumers — either on phone or in person. I’m the first one they’ll see or speak with. Answer questions. Many are general, but it’s my job to help consumers problem solve. Electric service requests. Starting, stopping or transfering service — I process them all.  What type of… Continue reading.

Beware the one-lined purple people impeder

Posted on Sep 19 2018 in Outdoors

When I first heard about the new “Purple Paint No Trespass” law, I thought it was a joke. But believe it or not, in our label-loving, litigious society, an easy-to-read “No Trespassing” sign is being upstaged by a simple swatch of purple paint strategically placed on a post or tree. This can now legally define… Continue reading.

Taking 5

Posted on Apr 24 2018 in For Youth, General

Anyone who’s ever had cats knows they are creatures of both habit and keen curiosity. Evan Olinger never has had a cat; he and his older brother are allergic to them. Still, the high school sophomore won his fifth consecutive grade division in the Cooperative Calendar of Student Art contest in March by modeling the… Continue reading.

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