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Luke Zeller at a DistinXion Camp in Sullivan, Indiana.

Character Counts

Posted on Jul 31 2015 in Features

+-*Basketball is part of Luke Zeller’s DNA. A former Indiana Mr. Basketball and University of Notre Dame standout, Zeller worked his way to the NBA in 2012. His brothers Cody and Tyler followed similar high school and college paths and are currently playing in the NBA. His uncle Al Eberhard also used to play professional… Continue reading.


Roofing materials impact AC costs

Posted on Aug 01 2015 in Energy Advice, Energy Now

+-*My black asphalt shingle roof needs to be replaced. I want to install a new roof that will last longer and help keep my home cooler during hot summer afternoons. What type of roof do you recommend? From the standpoint of a long life and keeping your home cooler, a black asphalt shingle roof is… Continue reading.


International food etiquette rules

Posted on Aug 01 2015 in Food

+-*Chile: Avoid eating anything with your hands. Chileans are formal with manners to identify with European culture, so make sure to use a knife and fork when eating. France: Don’t eat bread as an appetizer. Save it to eat with your meal or with the cheese course at the end. Place the bread directly on the table,… Continue reading.


Gardening for pollinators

Posted on Aug 01 2015 in Ask Rosie, Outdoors

+-*Pollinators are all the “buzz” these days as focus on the health of pollinators, so critical to food and ecosystems, continues. It may surprise you to learn that the honeybee is native to Europe and was introduced to the United States. But there are also numerous other pollinator species including native bees, butterflies and moths,… Continue reading.


No-sew backpack

Posted on Aug 01 2015 in For Youth, Power Kids Projects

+-*What you need: One T-shirt One pair of scissors One ruler One ink pen or permanent marker Safety pins, paper clips or tape Drawstring cord — We used nearly 15 feet of parachute cord. What to do: Turn the T-shirt inside out and cut sleeves into strips that are 1/2-inch wide and extend from body… Continue reading.

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